NATURAL wedding IMAGES THAT represent you,
no more 'posey' and forced images!

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When you're looking for a photographer you Google search, then search some more. There are so many options and you have no clue what's good or what's bad. It's a total shot in the dark. You sit there and hope you're picking the best photographer to document yourself.

Imagine there was a photographer that took the time to get to know you? Our goal is to build a relationship first so you will feel comfortable during your portraits. Making you laugh and giving you tips are just the beginning. After all, that's the only way you'll be able to get those natural, unforced images you're after.

This doesn't have to be a fantasy. You can't just let ANYONE take your wedding photos. It has to be someone creative, someone you trust, someone professional. You've found the right place. We do just that.

Michael Rousseau



Hey, I'm Michael Rousseau!
I've been shooting weddings and portraits for 6 years and I've been able to meet many interesting people, shoot local and destination weddings. Along that journey I've learned a lot about making wonderful images, but most importantly I've learned how to get engaged couples natural wedding images that represent themselves.
When I first started I drew inspiration from other photographers and ran into issues of my photos lacking character and weren't unique to each couple I shot. Basically what I imagined I could produce, I was wasn't producing.
My Eureka moment came when I focused on the couple and got to know them first in order to make them feel comfortable and relax in front of the camera. Once I nailed that, I focused on my creativity and the technical aspects that turn a photo from good to great.

This new method worked, I started producing the images you see today. Honourably, the techniques and dedication to the craft has lead me to being featured in the notarized wedding blogs and publications below.


TOP 3 mistakes to avoid

While I was trying to find my voice as a photographer I ran into these mistakes I believe potential clients should avoid.

One Size Fits All

The company that gives everyone the same poses, cues and directions. The poses become repetitive thus giving you a copy and pasted product. This happens when a photographer doesn't get the opportunity to get to know you the client. It's a less boutique experience and more of a one size fits all shoot.

The Perfect Location

We all love pretty locations, but sometimes we cannot always use that as our plan A and plan B. A photographer has to be able to make images in the worst condition, especially rain. This is where experience comes into play.

The Over Director

No one likes to be micro managed and you don't want your wedding or engagement photos to feel that you were directed over and over to create images that aren't you. Every couple is different, instead of bring you into the photos you're being posed like a mannequin.


Don't even get me started on the studios or photography companies that double book and send you someone else to cover your wedding. Sounds like it's too far fetched to happen, but it does. Since I've been in the industry for a few years I've heard some horror stories and I don't want you to make the same mistake.



Engagement Session 

  • What your family and friends want to see! It'll get them excited for your special day.
  • Show your future children your journey from Single to Married.
  • Feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? This session will warm you up and prepare you for your wedding.

Engagement Album  

  • A fine crafted keepsake that displays your engagement session from beginning to end.
  • Have all your well wishes from your guests in one place. Your engagement album doubles as your guest book! No more old school "Sign In" style books. Your guest will want to look through your album and leave their message.

Wedding Coverage  

  • Worry free coverage. 2 photographers will be covering your day. At the beginning 1 photographer will cover the groom while the other covers the bride. Your wedding story will be told in full from getting dressed to ceremony, to dancing.
  • Portraits of you with your bridal party and family. These are the most important photos when you look back years later.
  • Natural and creative portraits that represent your personalties.
  • Photos of details and portions of the day you have missed.
  • Candids are a huge hit, and we focus heavily on those candid moments between your guests, along with group photos.

Wedding Album

  • The beginning of your lives together, your wedding album contains the best images from the day you planned so long for.
  • This album is the beginning of your legacy together. An important keepsake to show your children and your children's - children.
  • A durable handcrafted leather album, made to last a lifetime. Something that can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Everything you loved about your wedding in one handcrafted leather album, making it easy to show your friends and guests who attended your wedding.


Prints in any size, Canvas wraps, parent albums are also available.