Aperture • Shutter Speed •ISO

Self Paced Course

You've outgrown the auto function in your camera and want to make better images. The next step is to shoot in manual mode. You won't have to ask yourself "What does this do?" anymore. This course is designed to simplify shooting. During the course we won't be throwing around technical jargon and leaving you lost to pick up the pieces. 

This is an easy to follow course which will give you a thorough understanding of your cameras manual function. You won't have to hide behind the automatic function of your camera anymore and you will be able to make the art you envisioned. 

1. Aperture
2. Shutter speed
3. ISO
4. Exposure

Q & A

  • A wrap-up webinar to go over any lingering questions.
  • Discussion board on each chapter.
  • The step by step techniques so you never go back to shooting in auto.
  • Easy to use strategies to use when shooting in manual mode.
  • An exclusive community to discuss your issues where you will be answered.

This Course Is Designed For Success

These lessons will simplify shooting for you. You will be advised when you should be adjusting these settings and which scenarios will require adjustments. At the end you will be shooting in manual mode with confidence.


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