Natural Images That Represent You

You're a newly engaged couple who is looking for a wedding photographer
to bring out your natural smiles and laughter. Shying away from poses that feel too
forced and unauthentic to who you are. If you've been thinking about something a little more
personal and less generic you're in the right place.

Contact Me   and let's discuss how we can bring your ideas and details to life.


My Story

First and foremost, I love photography. I have early memories of replacing film on my mother’s Minolta SLR, preparing to take pictures and being excited for them to get developed. Those early days lit a fuse for photography; and, I continue to use film, as well as digital, when photographing people. My passion comes from capturing the emotion in the moment. I attain that by getting to know you as a couple or individual. There is a connection formed with each person I’ve shot which helps to make the product genuine. My goal is to evoke the same excitement in each client awaiting their images, then have them hold out their timeless shots and smile at the photos, like I did when I was younger.

Let’s make memories,
By Michael Rousseau                                                  
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Pricing begins at $2899, contact us for further details.
For destination weddings please contact for special pricing.